Tuesday, January 23, 2007

with Your arms around me

one of my friends wrote this song and i decided to share it with y'all because i really like the lyrics.

with your arms around me
lyrics and music by ***********

i feel so cold
my hands are numb
you look at me
and see a bum
but God sees so much
more than you
He sees my mind,
a heart that's true
He cares about what happens to me
my past, my present
and what i will be

and with Your arms around me
i feel so safe and secure
and with Your arms around me
i feel my cold hands in Yours
with Your arms around me
I can do anything
because i know that you do it through me

these sinful hands, this impure heart
you look inside, it tears me apart
to know you see me as i am
and yet you take me like a little lamb
and lead me beside the peaceful stream
to where i belong, where the sun will beam
forever and a day
but You'll never go away!


then suddenly i feel cold again
my hands and face,
but not within.
here inside it's cozy and warm
because You are there

welcome to midnight.

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