Thursday, May 17, 2007


it rained last night. i woke up sometime in the wee hours this morning to hear rain. soft, yet pounding rain. i wanted to run outside and start dancing. it's not that i haven't seen rain in so long or anything, i just LOVE rain. especially dancing in it. many poeple find me unusual. but who cares? not me. my theory is live life to God's glory while you're still alive. when i decided to take on this new and optimistic persona about a year ago, i found myself to be much more enjoyable and cheerful. but back to the rain. anyway, so some people find my enjoying rain to be "depressing". this i don't understnad, since rain is probably the most hopeful thing i know of. "how?" you may ask. rain, though most people think it rather clean, is quite filthy by the time it reaches us. on its way down, rain cleans the lower atmosphere. it washes away all the dirt and grime and leaves us with a clean, fresh world. and that gives me reason enough to dance.

welcome to midnight.

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