Tuesday, September 11, 2007

yet another song...

I won't ask much from you,
but what i ask, i beg, please do.
you're my Daddy, my Father,
the one I lean on
when most just don't bother,
you're the One that responds.

Please hold me while I cry,
Won't get that much from any guy
When i tremble and shake with fear
just whisper encouragement in my ear
when I weird and feel out of place,
just say "You're mine! saved by grace!
and even if you disobey,
I'll once again show you my Way."

I'm feeling pretty plain,
don't feel like dancin' in the rain.
and because I know you're my Savior
and Creator of the world,
could I say, "I'd really love to be braver
'cause I feel like a wimp of a girl"?

welcome to midnight.

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