Thursday, July 16, 2009

kinda wish (for the gals)

chick flicks make my heart ache. literally.
I kid you not, every time I watch one, when the end comes, and the violin music swells- the climactic, romantic, expected ending comes- I find myself not simply wanting to cry... but wanting to see myself there in that scene, even if I were simply a bystander, so much, that my chest tightens and it's hard for me to breathe. and I'm not exaggerating. my throat gets dry and it hurts to swallow, and sometimes I get a little headache. (now you're probly calling someone to take me to the funny farm) but I'm serious.
do you ever do that?
I mean come on. chick flicks don't happen in real life, yeah yeah, I know. I think that's what makes them so popular. we want so badly to see SOMEONE be "completely, and perfectly, and incandescently happy" that even if it isn't us, or someone we know, or even an actress we're familiar with, it makes us happy. makes us wish that it could happen. makes our heart ache for the times we think something somewhat similar could've happened to me. but those times are dead and gone now, over and done... checked out, left town, and moved to a different country.
yet somehow each time I watch a chick flick I find myself wishing. (if I find out I am the only one that does this, I just might go do something radical like dye my hair pink or shred my wardrobe and only wear lime green) don't you wish? just kinda hope, send up a little prayer... "hey God? uh... if anything like that is ever gonna happen........ well... please let it be to me." right?
but you know... something like that can happen to you.
just not quite in the way you think it would.
if you're looking for the steamy love scenes and all that disgusting stuff, you might as well stop reading now and give up hope.
but if you just want to be loved... to be allowed to wish for something that seems impossible, and have it come true... well then you- YOU need to keep reading.
this man has loved you your whole life. literally. he wrote a book full of love letters to you- a book comprising 66 smaller books. 66 LOVE LETTERS! to YOU! how crazy is that?
not only that... but he really did hang the moon. if he needed to "lasso the moon" for you, he could. he made you and he knows you. he knows the VERY WORST THINGS about you. the deep dark secrets that no one else may know. and guess what?
in one of his love letters to you, he promised he'd never leave you.
in another, he repeats over and over that he is jealous for your love.
isn't that enough? enough to convince you?
stop wishing on stars, and hoping while watching chick flicks.
dust off your love letters (the Bible, if you didn't know that by now) and just see how much He loves you.
it's true.
{if you have any questions, that's what the comment box is for}

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