Friday, February 27, 2009


I've only just now decided I like being irritated, confused, hurt, simply down. These times are the sand of my life. Storms, yes. But sand is so much more appropriate a title. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to run in dry sand? After a while, it HURTS. Your legs start burning and yet you keep pushing. Your face is contorted with pain. Every part of your body is now begging you to give up, to stop. Besides the fact that every single muscle in your legs and core is flooded with fiery pain, you can hardly breathe, and the hot sand is burning your bare feet, and the tiny irritating sand particles are all over you- making you itch and sweat.
Do you see it now?
Confusion. It hurts. after a while, you get so sick of not knowing what's going on, you just want to give it all up so you don't have to keep going on through the pain.
These are the times that truly try you, that really hurt... but you will look back later and it'll all click. It hurt, yes. and oh, it was so irritating. but you, just like a small pearl, are grown and shaped by those small continual irritants of life.
Do you want to be a pearl, a gem of greatest price? Let God use these irritants- big and small- to smooth, mold, and form you into the beautiful priceless treasure you can be.
(exodus 19:5) (psalm 51:17) (isaiah 55:8-9)

welcome to midnight.

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