Sunday, June 15, 2008

Micah 7:7-9

i don't know if any of yall have ever read Micah 7:7-9, but that is one of my key verses I turn to when I get depressed... and I've been turning there an awful lot lately. for those of you that don't claim perfection and don't mind accepting that fact that you're hurting, this is for you.
Micah 7:7-9
lyrics by me. (based on the scripture)
though I lay here drowning
in my own doubt;
though I may have fallen,
yet will I find the way out.

I'm waiting to be rescued
from my darkened thoughts-
and I know He is coming
with his cleansing cross.

so don't boast over me,
for He is my hope and my Lord.
you can't gloat over me,
I have assurance of His Word.

so I'll stand here in your silence,
bearing my consequence-
until you plead my forgiveness
so I can have your righteousness.

you brought me to new life now,
put in me a flame,
something I can't smother-
a passion for Your Name.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

more on flirting

a comment on my first post about flirting made me want to clarify something...
just because you flirt with someone does not mean you like them. although, that's wrong, and pretty sad... that's how it is. these days, when you flirt with someone it doesn't necessarily mean you like them. it may mean you want their attention, or you simply want to talk to them. I firmly believe that you shouldn't flirt unless you mean it- otherwise it leads people on, and I think we can all agree- when you find out that "he's leading you on", it makes you feel hurt, used... all of the above.
so many times girls that aren't used to the idea of a guy liking them or whatever end up getting so confused- I speak from my own past. it was so easy- and still is sometimes- as a "sheltered kid" to not understand the world and have moments when I realize how naive I was. It's easy to think you're feeling one thing and only weeks, months, or years later realize that it was something completely different. maybe you think you love him, maybe you think you're obsessed with him, maybe you think he broke your heart. so many times we think these things and only later do we realize how wrong we were. an infatuation with someone is not an obsession. wanting him to think you're beautiful and always be by your side if not loving him. giving him a piece of your heart- which he, in turn, basically tears to shreds- is not getting your heart broken. a very shrewd friend of mine told me one time... he had his own place in your heart. he didn't have your entire heart, just a little portion of it. he might have hurt that little portion, but he didn't break it. but i know one thing- when part of your heart hurts, the whole thing does.
as girls, it is so easy to be led astray by our emotions. guys- don't lead us on if you're not serious. girls- guard your heart. bury it in Him, so that if a guy wants it, he has to go through God to get it.
over and out.

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