Monday, December 15, 2008

Ready for You

it's been sooo long since I've written on here! but obviously life has improved a lot. God has done so much for me the past few months... and if there's one thing he's teaching me, it's that prayer WORKS. He always answers prayer. it might not be answered the way I want it to be, or when i want it to be, but he will ALWAYS answer me. so anyway.. i wrote this song about a week ago and decided it was high time i posted some more lyrics up here. =)
Ready for You- lyrics/music by ME!

My dreams I lay down,
down at your feet,
my purpose now yours, God-
every part of me.
My fears cast aside,
my heart open wide,
ready for you
to give me hope anew.

And here I am-
here, in your hands...
broken and bruised,
I'm ready for you
to come and take me back,
back to where you are-
I've gone so far,
lost my way;
I'm so ready for you today.

Oh, Lord, I pray now
that through this somehow
you'd let me see
what you desire me to be.
I need you so much,
and I'm longing for you
to bring me back
and make my heart new.


I'm helpless, alone,
can't do it on my own
I need your help!
I'm useless by my self, oh.
carry me now...
carry me now...
you are my shield, you are my comfort.
you are my hiding place and my joy.
you are my peace, you are my savior.
you are my reason to live and you are my friend.
you are my father, you're everything I need
and you're always... always ready for me.


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